Washington Redskins Offensive Line Big Factor In Robert Griffin III’s Poor Play

By Cody Williams
RGIII Redskins
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The Washington Redskins went into their matchup with the San Francisco 49ers on Monday Night Football trying to save face a bit and potentially to stay alive in the NFC East and, subsequently, the race for the 2013 NFL Playoffs. After the performance they delivered in primetime, though, it’s clear that this team just doesn’t have the magic that they did last season.

Looking at the box score for the Redskins, you’re eyes instantly gravitate to quarterback Robert Griffin III and how little he produced for this team. Dropping back to throw 31 times, RG3 was sacked four times, and completed just 17 of his 27 pass attempts for a mere 127 yards, no touchdowns and one interception. Against a stout Niners’ defense, Griffin wasn’t productive with his legs either as he rushed for only 22 yards on six carries.

While you may be saying that this is just another paltry game from the Redskins quarterback to go along with several others throughout this season, the box score doesn’t entirely tell the story. Sure, the second-year QB made a few mental errors, bad throws and bad decisions, but his offensive line wasn’t helping matters, either.

Washington’s offensive line wasn’t up to the task of containing the 49ers defense and pass rush. Though the four sacks allowed are pretty telling, what’s more telling is that Griffin averaged just 4.7 yards per completion in this game. That number means that he was having to run through his progressions and hit check-down receivers almost every time that he dropped back, largely because San Francisco was constantly able to get pressure on him. Even if Griffin hasn’t been great this season, most quarterbacks aren’t going to succeed in that type of situation.

The Redskins, for all of the high hopes that they had coming into this year off of their success last season, have been a huge disappointment and the blame can placed in a number of places, one of which is on the shoulders of RG3. However, not all the blame for their loss on Monday goes to the quarterback. His offensive line undoubtedly deserves any negative criticism that comes their way after how they performed on Monday.

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