Can Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly Be As Effective As Andy Reid After The Bye?

By Ryan Wenzell
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid was masterful after the bye week. His team’s always seemed to be prepared, and the overwhelming majority of the time they won the football game after having an added week of rest.

Can Chip Kelly be as successful? Some signs point to yes since Kelly is an offensive mastermind. Giving a mind like his an added week to prep and look at game film on an opposing defense would seem to be a big time advantage. He can also perfect his offensive game plan and exploit any weaknesses in the other team’s defense.

The bye week also allows key players to get healthy. In the Eagles’ case that comes primarily on the defensive side of the ball. The key cog in the middle, Mychal Kendricks, will be back in action this week, and starting cornerback Bradley Fletcher is now healthy as well.

This will be a big boost for the defense. Fletcher is their best pure cover guy, and they will desperately need him against the likes of Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd. These Cardinals, unlike previous years, are no slouches so the Eagles will need all the preparation time and healthy bodies they can get.

Kelly will no doubt have his players prepared to go into battle. Despite a tough Arizona Cardinals defense, I would expect that this Eagles offense will be firing on all cylinders with the added week of rest and preparation. I believe the bye week will treat Kelly and the Eagles well.

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