Chicago Bears’ Jay Cutler May Feel That His Job is on the Line

By Michael Terrill
Chicago Bears’ Jay Cutler May Feel That His Job is on the Line
Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

Jay Cutler should realistically have nothing to worry about regarding his job as the Chicago Bears starting quarterback. Even though there has been some talk amongst sports writers and the Chicago fans about Josh McCown becoming the permanent starter, the Bears would be foolish to give up on Cutler. With that being said, Cutler’s recent remarks in regards to a franchise tag certainly bring up a few questions.

The signal caller was asked on his radio show on ESPN 1000 how he would feel if the Bears did place the franchise tag on him, which would mean that he would only be signed for next year with the team.

“I’m not gonna take anything personally,” Cutler said, according to ESPN. “If they want to franchise me, I’m gonna feel good about the situation we’re in.

“We’re gonna be in our second year of the offense with these guys. We’re gonna be better. I’m gonna be better. So it’s not personal. It’s business.”

Sure, in theory a franchise tag sounds great, especially for a quarterback. There is a good chance Cutler will make roughly $16 million in just one year of work. However, most players aren’t a big fan of the franchise tag because the length of a contract can be more important than the quantity. For instance, if something were to happen to Cutler next season he would be taken care of for a few years instead of wondering what will happen in the 2015 free agency.

As crazy as it sounds, Cutler might be willing to be a good sport about it because he doesn’t want to upset the organization. If Cutler demands too much money from the Bears, the team might be more content with promoting McCown to the starter. Even though McCown is a free agent as well, there’s no way he will command anywhere close to the same amount of money.

At this point, Cutler might want to tread lightly, especially if McCown is the reason Chicago reaches the playoffs.

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