New England Patriots: How Dare Robert Kraft Question Bill Belichick?

By Tony Tranghese
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was reported as being confused as the Patriots captains when Bill Belichick decided to defer in overtime in their last game. Kraft was reported as saying “what Is he doing?” when Bill chose the wind over the ball.

If Kraft is still questioning Belichick’s decisions, what does that say about Bill? I think it says that he is exactly the mad genius that we all think he is. Just when we thought Belichick couldn’t possibly surprise us again, he goes and does just that. Not only does he defer in overtime, it also turns out to be the right call.

So many coaches in the NFL have lived and died by gutsy decisions. I’m willing to bet that most decisions are not based off of probability on the field, but instead the probability that it will get them fired. There are too many coaches coaching with fear in this league.

When you have a coach like Belichick who has proven over and over again to be a football genius, its only fair that he gets the leeway to make these gutsy calls. I have given up on trying to get inside Belichick’s head. It’s impossible. The guy prepares harder than anyone. He thinks of every possible scenario and has a play in mind when it comes up. There is no luck involved here — it is pure hard work and dedication. How dare any of us question Belichick?

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