New York Giants vs. Washington Redskins: Who Wins on Sunday Night Football?

By Christian Nelson
eli vs redskins
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As NFL fans across the league may know, the New York Giants and Washington Redskins are severely underachieving to what expectations were for them in the preseason. Both of these teams have marquee names at the quarterback position, both have legendary coaches, and both possess playmakers on both sides of the ball, but these teams have sub .500 records. So, who gets the upper hand on Sunday Night?

The Giants are entering Week 13 with a 4-7 record, an achievement that is somewhat of a miracle after starting off the first six weeks of the season winless. The offense had no run game to speak of before the return of injured Andre Brown, and Eli Manning has yet to get in sync with his receivers. The defense (now bolstered by the new acquisition and probable comeback player of the year nominee, Jon Beason) is playing improved football but still struggles to stop the pass.

The Redskins, however, are a mess everywhere. Widely regarded as the preseason favorite to win the NFC East, Robert Griffin III‘s squad can’t get anything going to get into position to win games on a weekly basis. RG3 has no team chemistry with his teammates which leads to no team unity to speak of. Mike Shanahan‘s play-calling is doubted by his players, and the defense is non-apparent.

So we ask, how is it possible to predict the end-result to this game against possibly the two most inconsistent, underachieving teams in the league? Well, the betting line for the Giants-Redskins matchup is even, which makes this game even more unpredictable for fans.

Big Blue has improved week by week in every game, and slowly but surely Eli is improving from his early season struggles. The Giants finally have a run game, and opposing teams are yet to stop Brown.

However, if the Giants are determined to beat the Skins on Sunday Night, they must vastly improve their play-calling by the coaching staff. Tom Coughlin, Kevin Gilbride, and Perry Fewell all must improve and just try not to over-think their game plan. On too many occasions are the Giants making head-scratching play calls that put the team in bad position.

On the other hand, we have the Redskins, a team that is falling apart due to RG3’s lack of focus on his team’s success and more on his personal “brand”. He is losing his locker room and leadership which is translating to on the field struggles. Opposite of the Giants, the Redskins are not improving, and some may argue they are getting worse.

The Giants are in position to leave Landover, Maryland on Sunday Night with a victory to continue on their path to shock the world and win the NFC East, but we have said this time and time again: Big Blue always seem to struggle in games that are set up for them perfectly. And with Robert Griffin III at the helm, regardless of his struggles this season, you can never rule out this Redskins team.

The Sunday Night game featuring the two NFC East rivals will be closer than many predict, as these two teams at this point are playing for their dignity and bragging rights in their division. I give the Giants a slight edge on the primetime matchup against the Redskins, and they should enter Week 14 with a 5-7 record in hopes of producing a miracle playoff run in the majorly inconsistent NFC East.

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