New York Jets: Geno Smith Too Inconsistent To Be Future Quarterback

By Aydin Reyhan
NY Jets
Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Before anyone gets angered by that title, remember this: Geno Smith well whenever he feels like it or is “on his game.” Let’s face it, Smith is getting paid to play football while knowing that he is nowhere near where he should be. He is good, please do not get offended, but he still has so much to learn.

Now, a bit of the blame needs to be placed upon head coach Rex Ryan, who trusted Smith to do his thing, but now, he is truly feeling the pressure near the end of the regular season. Ryan was going to trust Mark Sanchez until he was injured, so all he truly had left was none other than Smith himself. Another guy who has not been too bad in the few minutes that he has played is Matt Simms, but like Smith, it is simply way too early to trust his services. Ryan basically did this to himself, as he is heading towards his third straight season away from playoff contention.

Now, management has to think long and hard about either firing Ryan, or relegating him to defensive coordinator, which is truly where he belongs. A head coach needs to be able to make the best decision week after week, and this is something that the man has constantly lacked. He has been praised recently for some of his bold moves after decent victories over the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints, but that is simply insufficient for a club that should be a lot better than they are.

Basically, if Smith loses yet another game as a starter, Simms needs to start playing out full games from the start. This way he gets some much-needed experience, as their season will pretty much be all but over.

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