Packers vs. Lions: Josh Sitton's Comments Were the Truest Words Ever Spoken

By Ryan Heckman
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Leading up to the Thanksgiving Day kickoff between the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers, there have been some interesting words said between the two teams that might wind up being bulletin board material when it’s all said and done.

Packers guard Josh Sitton was asked on a radio show this week about whether he thinks the Lions’ defensive line would go after his quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, this Thursday if he were playing.

“Absolutely,” Sitton said. “They go after quarterbacks. Their entire defense takes cheap shots all the time. That’s what they do; that’s who they are. They’re a bunch of dirtbags or scumbags. That’s how they play. That’s how they’re coached.”

Sitton didn’t stop there.

“That starts with their frickin’ coach. The head coach, (Jim) Schwartz, he’s a (expletive), too. I wouldn’t want to play for him. It starts with him and their D-coordinator and D-line coach. They’re all just scumbags and so is the D-line.”

If you’ve seen or heard my opinion on the Lions’ defensive line before, you would already know how I would react to comments like this.

Here’s the thing: Sitton may have gone about his opinion in a harsh manner, and that’s for him to worry about, but what he said is the absolute truth.

Between Ndamukong Suh, Nick Fairley, Willie Young and others, the Lions’ defensive line is one of the most overrated and undisciplined units in the entire league. If you’ve watched any tape on the Lions, you’d notice exactly what Sitton is talking about. Before the whistle blows, after it blows — it doesn’t matter.

The Lions’ defensive line goes after not only quarterbacks, but offensive players in general during and after almost every play. Suh’s history speaks for itself. Fine after fine after fine and he continues to play the same way — dirty. This year, though, I’ve noticed it from Fairley even more so than Suh. He’s taken countless cheap shots all year long.

In regards to the comments made about Schwartz, I whole-heartedly agree. Why hasn’t he addressed this ongoing problem? Does he have that kind of control or respect in the locker room? If so many have noticed the dirty play, including the league, why hasn’t Scwartz made a decision that this kind of play shouldn’t go on anymore?

Schwartz is to blame here just as much as the players. It’s terrible coaching. In fact, it’s not even coaching. It’s laziness. Failing to address an issue that’s been problematic in many players’, coaches’ and fans’ eyes is just plain lazy. He calls himself an NFL coach?


Folks, this isn’t a debate. It isn’t an argument. If you’re a Lions fan, feel free to have the opposite opinion. It’s only natural as a fan. But, don’t be fooled, your beloved Lions are unquestionably the dirties team in all of sports — not just football, sports.


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