Dallas Cowboys Fans Should Be Thankful for Tony Romo

By rodneygray

On a day full of reasons to be thankful, Dallas Cowboys fans should be very thankful for their quarterback Tony Romo.

Romo may be one of the most under-appreciated players in Cowboys history. Many memories Cowboys fans have of him include, but are not limited to untimely interceptions, inexplicable fumbles or completely infuriating sacks. While some of the blame for the Cowboys’ struggles can sit on the shoulders of no. 9, Romo almost never gets any of the glory from the wins he does produce.

Very few people bring up the fact that the Cowboys have not had a dominant defense during Romo’s tenure as a quarterback, or the fact that his best two receivers have both been walking distractions waiting to happen.

Romo may be a walking disaster waiting to happen, but he leaves every inch of himself on the field every game week. You may question his abilities or his decision-making, but one thing is for certain: nobody questions his heart. It may not be pretty and at times even downright hideous, but Romo being at the helm for the Cowboys has been a ride for the ages.

At 7-5 and on top of the division, Romo and the Cowboys have done just enough to keep the Cowboys rolling in the right direction. No matter what happens going forward, he will be the reason why the Cowboys succeed or fail.

If the Cowboys do manage to go on a magical run through the playoffs, Romo will probably not get the amount of credit he deserves. If the Cowboys falter or stumble, no. 9 will once again be in the crosshairs of  every analyst, expert and sports writer there is. It’s all in a days work for Romo, and it’s the price you pay for wearing the star on your helmet — sometimes, that star just happens to turn into a target.

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