Let Tradition Reign: Dallas Cowboys Should Always Play on Thanksgiving

By rodneygray
Robert Deutsch – USA Today Sports

Ever since 1966 the Dallas Cowboys have played football on Thanksgiving Day at home. The only two times the Cowboys did not play on Thanksgiving was 1975 and 1977, and there is no reason for NFL or anybody else to think about changing one of football’s longest running traditions.

The NFL has seen an evolution of how things are done on a week to week basis. 40 years ago there were no high definition cameras, no NFL network, and the drop back pass was not exactly an art form. Football was still finding its footing in both the homes and hearts of Americans across the country. In 2013 football has almost become a religion in most parts of the country and in some parts of the world. At the forefront of football is “America’s team,” the Dallas Cowboys.

With five Super Bowl wins, dozens of Hall of Famers and enough drama to make Alfred Hitchcock envious, the Cowboys have had a little bit of everything over the years. From Deion Sanders to Dez Bryant today, the Cowboys are never short on talent or entertainment. Despite the team’s struggles over the years, the thought or mention of the Cowboys not playing on Thanksgiving is almost blasphemous. The Cowboys have a  28-16-1 record on Thanksgiving Day over the years. These games are almost always competitive and draw a lot of attention from football fanatics and casual fans alike. Another important factor in the Cowboys playing on Thanksgiving is the fact that Dallas will forever be a big money making team for the NFL. Cowboy fans and haters alike will both be drawn to their televisions this Turkey Day.

Fast-forwarding to this season the Cowboys are once again in for yet another exciting end to their season.  Sitting atop the NFC East with the Philadelphia Eagles at 6-5, the Cowboys have yet another opportunity to put away their old losing ways and rise to the occasion. Needing to keep pace the Cowboys will have to first get past the resurgent Oakland Raiders on Thanksgiving Day.

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