Ray Lewis Needs To Stop Dissing Baltimore Ravens

By Jermaine Lockett
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Upon retiring, Ray Lewis joined ESPN as an analyst, and ever since he got hired, the man will not stop shining a negative light on the Baltimore Ravens.

You would think after all that he and the Ravens have been through, he would have enough respect not to verbally assault the team on national television.

Lewis has repeatedly bashed the Ravens’ locker room, saying they lacked leadership. Most recently, on ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown, the 13 time pro-bowler bashed Joe Flacco once again, saying the quarterback makes the same mistakes now that he made back then, and the only difference was that he had a defense to help bail him out. Ray is disregarding some new jewelry that recently was rewarded. He cannot honestly think he would have gotten to and won his second Super Bowl ring if it wasn’t for Flacco. No, no he would have went off into retirement with only one ring. He is also disregarding the fact that the defense was historically worse than ever last year, even when Lewis was healthy; it was the offense that had to carry them through the playoffs for the most part.

Lewis is one of the more intelligent minds in football; being in depth as he is in his video-study, he should be able to break down any team in the league. Instead, the future first ballot Hall of Famer chooses to focus solely on the Ravens’ locker room. I understand ESPN hired him because of his insight, but he needs to focus his energy somewhere else besides Flacco and the 2013 Ravens.

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