Should Baltimore Ravens Always Play On Thanksgiving?

By Dan Abeshouse
Baltimore Ravens
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Ever since I first started watching the NFL in 1990 there was always one thing that stayed consistent with the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys playing at home on Thanksgiving Day. This was also before there were Thursday games every week, so these games always had a special feel to them. In the past few years the league has added a prime time game to the Thanksgiving slate.

The Baltimore Ravens will now be hosting the prime time Thanksgiving game for the second time in the past three years as they’re set to face off against their hated division rival Pittsburgh Steelers. Two years ago they hosted the San Francisco 49ers and won 16-6. Seeing as the Ravens have been a popular choice for this game recently it begs the question if the Ravens should be placed in this spot permanently. I believe it’s worth a discussion, having attended the game two years ago there was a lot of excitement amongst the fans. I’m sure there will be even more excitement this time around considering the huge ramifications of this game.

Although it would be nice for the city and something the fans here would really embrace I don’t see it happening. In today’s age of the money grab I couldn’t see the league boxing themselves in and not having the option to feature the big names on the prime time stage. Guys like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees just to name a few.

My closing message for Ravens fans: Enjoy every second of the Thanksgiving game while it’s here and whenever it should come back to Baltimore, whether it be in two years or twenty years. Be thankful for the awesome game that will be provided tonight.

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