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5 Reasons Why Kansas City Chiefs are Pretenders

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5 Reasons Why the Kansas City Chiefs are Pretenders

Denny Medley- USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs have been one of the NFL's most impressive teams this season, but their time at the top appears to be a short-lived one, and one that won't help their end goal of winning the Super Bowl. The Chiefs started the season scoring a lot of points, and being a defensive force to be reckoned with. With the experience of Andy Reid, the motivation to succeed of Alex Smith and the hard-hitting running game of Jamaal Charles, the Chiefs appeared to have everything a Super Bowl winning caliber team required.

After going 9-0, the Chiefs lost to their rivals the Denver Broncos and then the San Diego Chargers, leaving them as one of the top teams in the NFL, and not the sole holder of that title. So, why are people so quick to write them off? There are many reasons, and it appears we may have seen the best the Chiefs can offer. Although they have the basis of a very good team, it seems the only way is down from here. The likes of Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Joe Flacco will show they're worthy winners in the playoffs, if in fact the Chiefs are able to steady their team and make them.

Although it's too soon to completely write the Chiefs off, it appears they are losing that edge they had earlier this season, and once other teams continue to improve and find their late season consistency, the Chiefs will crumble. Here's five reasons why they are pretenders, and aren't the team some thought they were a month ago.

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5- They're Losing Momentum

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The Chiefs were carrying early-season momentum from their outstanding form, but now they're losing and it seems unlikely they will rediscover that kind of momentum again.

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4- Andy Reid Struggles in The Playoffs

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Andy Reid is a superb coach, but even he would be the first to admit he has struggled in the playoffs. Why should it be any different if he takes the Chiefs there?

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3- They're Tired

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After their early-season form, they're evidently tired and struggling. Can they recover, especially when other teams are used to this kind of pain, and they're not?

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2- They Don't Have an Elite Quarterback

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Alex Smith is a great quarterback and he has been impressive for the most part this season, but he isn't at the level of Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, and that might harm their chances this season.

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1- They Cannot Keep Up With The Denver Broncos

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The Chiefs had an impressive start and were ahead of the Broncos for a long while, but even that sensational start wasn't enough, so what's to say they can compete with Peyton Manning and his in-form team now?