Baltimore Ravens' Pass Rush was Soft Against Pittsburgh Steelers

By Jermaine Lockett
Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens barely slipped past the Pittsburgh Steelers in another duel to remember. There were fights, big bombs from Joe Flacco, huge hits, injuries, the miraculous comeback from Ben Roethlisberger and as usual Terrell Suggs hawked down “Big Ben” for a couple of sacks; oh but wait, no he didn’t. Suggs said once during an interview on NFL Network that Ben’s a** belonged to him and that he kept it in a refrigerator down in the basement. He also even made a comment saying, “God can have his soul, but his a** belongs to me”. That was not the case last night as the Steelers’ signal caller stood upright the whole night. What is going in with the Ravens’ pass rush lately?

Ozzie Newsome brought Elvis in the building for the reason of combining with Suggs to create a better pass rush, but last night the Ravens left Roethlisberger cleaner than hand sanitizer. While Dumervil did leave the game temporarily with a left ankle sprain, it is still difficult to excuse such a lack of defensive production against a team that was constantly playing “next man up” with their Offensive Line due to injuries.

Le’Veon Bell and Heath Miller are to blame for the Ravens’ lack of pass rush. Every time the combo of “Sizzle and Doom” (Suggs and Dumervil) would pin their ears back to rush the passer, Heath Miller would be wide open for the quick pass or Bell was open for the short dump to move the chains. Bell had a few big runs on the ground as well.

These deficiencies are something that Dean Pees needs to go back to the tape on. The next two weeks will prove to be rough if we can’t stop the run and get to the passer as we face arguably the best RB in football and the best Wide Receiver in football the week after. We may have squeaked past the Steelers with a two-point conversion stand, but Baltimore’s Defense will need to get more pressure on the QB in order to win games consistently and decisively.

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