Detroit Lions Need to Bring Back Havard Rugland

By Luis Vilanova
Havard Rugland
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions looked exceptionally good on Thanksgiving Day in what was their best display of football so far. The Lions dominated the Green Bay Packers offensively, and the defense looked better than the Kansas City Chiefs‘ defense. However, there is a player who is absolutely critical in a football game and in my opinion needs to be 100 percent efficient inside the 35 yard line. Of course I am referring to kicker David Akers not doing his job. Akers hasn’t been reliable since playing for the San Francisco 49ers kicking just 69 percent and with Detroit he has had a 75 percent efficiency rate.

The Lions have always been characterized as a great kicking team; let’s not forget Eddie Murray and Jason Hanson kicking through 4-for-4 and 5-for-5 FG games and becoming essential long-range scorers for the Lions. Perhaps having Hanson around for such a long time made the Lions unaware of the importance of kicking. I think it’s time to evaluate what 38 year old David Akers means to the Lions heading into the last few games of the season and how undoubtedly he can recreate a Scott Norwood situation. In my opinion, we have to differentiate between Akers’ All-Pro resume and his struggle to convert at present. The Lions’ fan base should campaign for Jason Hanson to unretire or to bring back Havard Rugland.

If “Kickalicious” would have been given a shot at the NFL, I guarantee he would’ve been kicking better than Akers.

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