Jacoby Jones Was X-Factor In Baltimore Ravens' Crucial Divisional Victory

By Ryan Wenzell
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Jacoby Jones was awarded the Madden player of the game last night, and was awarded with a big fat turkey leg. For good reason. Jones was the x-factor in the Baltimore Ravens‘ crucial divisional victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Jones was deadly in the return game with over 120 return yards and would have broke a sure kick off return touchdown if it weren’t for Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin getting in the way of Jones on the sideline that forced him to change direction allowing a Steeler to tackle him.

Whether this was on purpose or by accident, this was a bone-headed move by Tomlin and he surely should expect some type of repercussions from the league, most likely in the form of a fine.

Regardless, Jones returns changed the momentum of the game in the Ravens favor. In a two-point win those long returns made all of the difference. This ended up being an extremely tight affair thanks to the Steelers fight and resolve, but ultimately they could not convert the two-point conversion and victory went to the Ravens.

The Ravens now sit at 6-5 and right now are the last seed in the playoffs as the second Wild Card. If you remember, the Ravens were in a similar position last year having to go on the road and win and they did just that.

The old saying goes as long as you get in anything can happen. That may apply to this Raven squad. They seem to play their best football in December and January.

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