NFL: New York Jets Have to Defeat Miami Dolphins

By Aydin Reyhan
NY Jets
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets will have a tough matchup against the Miami Dolphins, who are literally in the same boat with a record of 5-6. Basically, whoever wins this game will end up with the better chance of keeping their playoff hopes alive.

Geno Smith is a QB who has been on this season, but he has also been off, and the comparison isn’t even close. The kid is a rookie and he was trusted by the fifth-year head coach, Rex Ryan. Just because the kid has a couple of good games here and there, does not mean he can be good on a consistent basis, especially when it comes to more successful teams with much better veteran QB’s.

The team is known for its unbelievably brilliant defense who did at times make errors, but they forced teams to mostly score off of field goals. That right there is still not enough to win games because the offense has been absolutely subpar — rookie QB, underrated receivers and the running backs keep on taking beatings as they cannot save the games on their abilities alone.

If the Jets do end up losing this Sunday at their MetLife Stadium in Jersey, they will end up having to clean house in management, coaching and, of course, their roster who should be way better than they are. None of these people lived up to their expectations which is why they need to be looked at in a harsher manner.

Prediction: NY Jets 21, Miami Dolphins 16.

The home side’s defense will end up playing their hearts out in order to save the much-needed victory.

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