Pittsburgh Steelers' Mike Tomlin Makes Fool Of Himself And Should Be Fined

By Ryan Wenzell
Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Tomlin did something extremely foolish in last night’s primetime game on Thanksgiving night. Jacoby Jones was jetting down the sideline on his way to a sure touchdown and Tomlin would not get out of the way, forcing Jones to cut back where he eventually got caught.

It cost the Baltimore Ravens a touchdown and in a tight game, that could have made all the difference. The Pittsburgh Steelers head coach claims he was looking up at the video board and wasn’t paying attention. I don’t know what’s more egregious, the act itself or his excuse afterwards.

He knows better. Why he was standing so close to the sidelines was beyond me. If that had cost the Ravens the game, it would have been a true shame. The real question is what should the punishment be?

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened on a return play. A heavy fine should be the bare minimum for Tomlin. If I were the league and Roger Goodell, I would consider suspending Tomlin a game or two.

Such actions would be appropriate considering Tomlin’s utter ignorance on the sideline and after the game. If he had manned up and admitted to doing wrong, I may have changed my tune. But to lie through his teeth afterwards about the whole incident only adds insult to injury.

There needs to be a precedent set so this type of stuff won’t happen again. It has already happened twice too many times in the past few seasons. Your move, Goodell.

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