Dallas Cowboys: Comparing Tony Romo to Peyton Manning

By Tony Tranghese
“Mathew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports”

Tony Romo orchestrated a come back victory against an Oakland Raiders team that is on its fourth quarterback of the season. I tried to give Romo the benefit of the doubt. I even spent the last few days trying to come around to his recent form. I tried my hardest to get on the bandwagon, and I just couldn’t.

I understand that Romo came from behind. I also realize that he has now done it twice in the last two weeks. I think that everyone needs to come around to the fact that Romo is a regular season quarterback. He isn’t quite Peyton Manning. His statistics are not nearly as good, but there is one comparison that you can make between the two: while they perform in the regular season, they don’t in the playoffs.

Manning has the statistics and the Super Bowl ring that has eluded Romo. I think this is important to consider when everyone is hopping on the Romo bandwagon. I don’t trust Romo in December the same way that I don’t trust Manning in the playoffs. On one hand, comparing Romo to Manning in the regular season is a huge compliment. Manning may be the best regular season quarterback ever. Romo doesn’t have the win-loss record that Manning does, but his statistics prove that he is easily a top-10 quarterback in this league.

The Dallas Cowboys were favored by nine points Thursday against the Raiders. They fell behind twice and allowed the Raiders to looks like a decent team. The truth is that the Cowboys should have blown the Raiders out. The Raiders are essentially playing a quarterback by committee. People need to keep things like this in mind when they praise Romo for a regular season win against a scrub team.

If Manning won that game, everyone would have said it was just another walk in the park, with no praise needed.

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