Detroit Lions’ Jim Schwartz Will be Blamed for Subpar Season

By Chris Loud
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions’ Jim Schwartz has been one of those coaches you either love or hate. He’s got a swagger that can be prideful, if not ill-advised, which either rubs you the wrong way or you might think is cool. On one hand, he has coached some of the most successful Lions teams in decades, but on the other hand he has coached some of the worst in team history, or even NFL history. He’s had great players, bad players, stupid players, and most of all, underperforming players. So how much of the blame lies on The Schwartz when it comes to the Lions and their up and down seasons?

Well, in brief, all of it.

Okay, not all of it in the sense that he is completely at fault for a floundering franchise that in the same breath shows signs of a Super Bowl caliber breakout. However, his job is on the line; that’s no secret. That’s because he is coaching not to fail. The Lions have been struggling to avoid failure this entire season, and often times that breeds some astounding comeback wins like the one against the Dallas Cowboys, but it also creates stunning losses like that against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It’s the sign of a mediocre coach when the most consistent thing about the Lions is their inconsistency. The old cliché goes, “which team will show up today”, and that couldn’t ring truer for the Lions this season. Unfortunately for the Schwartz, and many other coaches out there who have experienced the same thing, the next step after coaching inconsistent football is hitting inconsistent drives from the proverbial tee box of unemployment.

So maybe Coach Schwartz is not to blame, technically, for the Lions and their heart-wrenching balancing act on the fine line of greatness and failure. However, the aura of the Schwartz screams stubbornness to change, which doesn’t bode well for him or the Lions. One thing that is for sure, if the Lions don’t have an impressive playoff run, the Schwartz will be blamed for a poor season, which could be his last.

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