Week 13 Overreaction: Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings

By M. Quann Boyd
Adrian Peterson
Bob Martin-USA TODAY Sports

I understand the plight of the Chicago Bears on the defensive side of the ball. Like the Bears, I have had to watch as key cogs in my workday production like Blackberry went on permanent IR.

The Bears, unlike my situation, have a hope and a prayer that defensive stalwarts Lance Briggs and Charles Tillman can come back before this season is complete wash. For the overall performance against the last-place Minnesota Vikings, the Bears could have used more aid.

The bombed-out and depleted defense tried to hold their own against Adrian Peterson and the Vikings’ quarterback duo of Christian Ponder and Matt Castle, but with the Bears’ defense giving up 100 yards rushing to an eighth different running back on the season, it is undoubtedly one of the more horrific units in today’s NFL. Basically, the Bears couldn’t stop a ball carrier even if they were watching film and held the remote.

The Bears’ D had all types of problems with All Day. It didn’t matter if defensive coordinator Mel Tucker put eight in the box — Peterson ran through the Bears’ undersized tackles to the tune of 211 yards off of 35 carries.

Now if Peterson wasn’t enough of a problem for the defense, all I really have to say is fourth-and-11. I’m sorry, I don’t care if it is mostly second-string and rookies out on the field on defense — there is no reason for the unit, who did play well on the other three downs, to all of the sudden part like the Red Sea and keep the Vikings on the field and in the game.

13 weeks into the season, that’s who the Bears are defensively: they break instead of simply bending.

At 6-6, the Bears have an outside shot of ending their current playoff drought; however, the defense is going to have to step up their game, and it starts with the unit stopping an opposing rusher from having an All-Pro day on the ground against them. I know — I have a better chance of getting hit by lightning while winning the lottery than this current version of the Bears’ D has at stopping any run.

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