Are New England Patriots Up To Their Cheating Ways Again?

By Ryan Wenzell
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

The “spy gate” talk has reared its ugly head again. After a New England Patriots comeback victory over the Houston Texans, defensive end Antonio Smith accused the Patriots of cheating.

He claimed the Texans put in a new defensive scheme that the Pats couldn’t have known about unless they either video taped or scouted them. I am calling bologna on this one. The Patriots struggled to get anything going in the first half. In fact they were down by 10 points at the half.

As we all know Pats head coach Bill Belichick is a master at second half adjustments, and boy did the Pats adjust. Brady threw for almost 300 yards in the second half alone as the Pats stormed back to take control of the football game.

With these recent accusations it is possible this could become a league matter as this type of accusation is no joke, especially to commissioner Roger Goodell. If the Pats did violate league rules by taping other teams again a heavy, heavy penalty would have to be handed down.

However, it will never come to this. This seems like much ado about nothing. It also seems like Smith is a bit of a sore loser who was spouting out nonsense as his Texans lost yet another game in a disastrous season to fall to 2-10.

Success breeds jealousy, and there is no more successful organization than the Patriots. Other teams will look for any way to bring down a well run unit. Belichick won’t let the outside noise influence his players; he never has.

In fact I only see this making the Pats stronger. As long as they have Tom Brady and the great Belichick on the sideline they can get through anything.

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