Mike Tomlin Might Have Cost Pittsburgh Steelers More Than Just a Fine

By Michael Terrill
Mike Tomlin Might Have Cost Pittsburgh Steelers More Than Just a Fine
Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin made headlines on Thanksgiving after his near interference with Baltimore Ravens return man Jacoby Jones. Tomlin made it very clear that he didn’t intentionally try to interfere with Jones. However, the NFL thinks otherwise, and it’s reportedly going to cost the Steelers big time.

A fine is a no-brainer for Pittsburgh. In fact, the league must send a message to Tomlin and the rest of the NFL coaches that standing on the white line during returns will not be tolerated. The main reason to send the message now is to avoid any serious injuries at some point in the future.

NFL Network’s Insider Ian Rapoport said on “NFL Gameday Morning” that the Steelers could be looking at more than just a fine. The league is seriously considering taking away a draft pick, which would be devastating considering Tomlin never actually made contact with Jones.

Obviously, no decision has been made yet. However, the fact that league sources are actually discussing it as a possibility means Pittsburgh must prepare for anything.

I’m not sure the loss of a draft pick is necessary. A fine in the amount of six figures would certainly do the trick. With that being said, what if Tomlin’s questionable action actually cost the Ravens the football game as it almost did. The NFL doesn’t want to take any chances when it comes to controversy, which means the Steelers could find themselves on the wrong end of the stick.

What do you think? Should the Steelers lose a draft selection because of Tomlin’s actions?

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