New York Giants Won Despite Referee Blunder

By Andrew Lecointe
Geoff Burke — USA Today Sports

Much has been made of the controversial set of events that occurred when the Washington Redskins were driving in an attempt to tie the game. After a completion to Redskins’ wide receiver Pierre Garcon on second down, the Redskins believed they picked up enough yardage for the first down. However, that wasn’t the case, and a drop by Redskins tight end Fred Davis led to the fourth down.

Believing it was the second down after the drop from Davis, Redskins’ head coach Mike Shanahan was highly upset to find out it was the fourth down. However, Redskins’ quarterback Robert Griffin III completed a pass on fourth down to Garcon, but it was promptly ripped out of his hands by New York Giants safety Will Hill to end the game. Shanahan and Griffin III seemed to be putting the blame of the loss on the referees, but it really had no impact on the outcome at all.

The Giants demonstrated resilience by bouncing back from an early 14-point deficit to win the game. The offense looked good most of the time, but that was probably due to the porous Redskins’ defense. The Giants didn’t run the ball well, but they still got two touchdown runs from running back Andre Brown. If Davis hangs on to the pass on third down, that is a big first down.

Also, if Garcon hangs onto the ball on the fourth-down catch, the Redskins have a first down and are moving the chains. Instead, it was their playmakers who may have cost them the game. However, when you’re 3-9 like the Redskins, it is probably easy to start placing blame elsewhere. The Giants won this game regardless of this controversy.

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