Philadelphia Eagles Need To Learn How To Finish Games

By Ryan Wenzell
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles again did an excellent job of building a lead on Sunday afternoon as they quickly got up 24-7 on a solid Arizona Cardinals squad. Keeping a lead and putting the opposing team away? That’s another story. For the second straight game, the Eagles almost let a big lead slip as the Cardinals nearly came all the way back to win the football game. Philadelphia barely hung on to win 24-21.

Playing slow and methodically is something the Eagles still have not come close to perfecting. Even in the middle to late fourth quarter, the Eagles were inexplicably playing a fast, uptempo pace.

They should have been killing clock and bleeding out time. The Eagles had multiple opportunities to put the game away even a few times when they had short fields after a turnover. They just couldn’t get it done as they failed to get any more points on the board, and didn’t do a good job of taking time off the clock.

A win is a win, and coach Chip Kelly is no doubt glad that he can teach his players a lesson after a win rather than a loss. However, the Eagles need to have the killer instinct to stomp on opponents and take them out of football games.

Right now, the Eagles are as hot as any team in football. The defense has been excellent for nearly two months. Nick Foles is as hot as any quarterback in football. These are the main ingredients for success in December and eventually playoff football. If the Eagles can learn to play an entire 60 minutes, this is a scary football team.

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