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5 Reasons The New York Jets Are Awful

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The New York Jets Are Awful

No Confidence
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The New York Jets were expected to be sub par, but never to be absolutely pathetic. Whether it be losing to the Buffalo Bills on the road or being humbled at home by the Miami Dolphins, this team is lacking leadership in all aspects of the word.

Let’s take a quick look, shall we?

Coach Rex Ryan has been getting himself into more and more trouble in the sense that his players seem to have lost respect for his coaching methods. The defense tries for about half the game, while the offense is lost on almost every single play. There is nothing good about this team when it comes to scoring.

Rookie QB Geno Smith has been trusted with the job to start almost every game and make something happen. Except for a fluke win down in Atlanta and the same way against the New Orleans Saints at home, he has been insufficient and inconsistent. He is not the answer at all this year, and better not even be considered next year.

The team brought in recent Super Bowl winner Ed Reed to bolster the defense and to add a bit of on-field coaching. He has made some decent plays, but he is still having difficulty leading the younger guys on the roster. Whether it be a lack of respect for him or the fact that the team just does not have what it takes, Reed is not the answer by any means.

Folks, the Jets are basically the jokes of New York, as they have a lot to accomplish before even being considered a tough post season team. Let's take a deeper look as to why that is.

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5. Quarterback

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The kid you see in the picture is none other than Matt Simms, a youngster who knows this game inside and out since his father is none other than Super Bowl winner Phil Simms. Basically, what he knows was learned from his intelligent father.

Matt Simms should be a shoo-in to start, but instead, coach Ryan constantly keeps on sticking with rookie man Geno Smith, who has a lot to learn when it comes to playing error-free.

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4. Running Back

Running Back
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If the running backs can not gain a significant amount of yardage, the entire team could be in trouble. These guys have been decent at best for the Jets this year since they have been heavily relied on to score most of the points along with the defense since the QB has been atrocious. If this position is not filled by someone strong, fast and successful, they might as well forfeit for next year as well.

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3. No Receivers

No Receivers
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The offense is struggling due to the fact that the receivers are not worthy of playing for this franchise. Sure, they are young, fatigued or unlucky, but the team's guys are lacking the heart needed to catch the ball in front of all the fans and make those unstoppable runs to the end zone. Make it happen, management. Hire some good guys to change the fortunes of this team.

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2. Tight Ends Are Not Even There

Tight Ends Are Not Even There
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The tight end position is yet another quarrel that remains to be solved. The QB needs these guys to be ready at all times, especially if the running game is not working and receivers are covered. They need to find someone that has been in the league for a long time that can catch the ball in tight spaces and make plays here and there.

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1. Corners

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Antonio Cromartie has been solid, but Dee Milner has been eaten alive in every single game this season. He is supposedly almost as good as Cromartie, but he isn't even close. He needs to replaced before the new season, which is still a ways from now, but thinking ahead can always be a good idea.