Are Carolina Panthers The Biggest Threat To Seattle Seahawks In NFC?

By Ryan Wenzell
Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The Carolina Panthers are on a roll right now. Their defensive front seven is balling, and they may have the best linebacker in football in Luke Kuechly. They have a solid running game with Jonathan Stewart and Deangelo Williams, and Cam Newton is also a rising star at the quarterback position.

If there is one team that has the potential to take down the Seattle Seahawks, it might just be these Panthers. They play a brand of football that travels to any stadium — running the football and playing sound and smart defense, while also possessing a quarterback that can make dynamic plays when he needs to. However, I am just not sure I see it happening. The Seahawks are on a whole different stratosphere than the other teams right now. They just made the New Orleans Saints, a legitimate contender in their own right, look like absolute garbage on a national stage.

As talented as these Panthers are, I can’t see them going into Seattle, to that noise box, and pulling out a victory. In a nuetral field, it would be quite the contest. However, the 12th man and home field puts the Seahawks at a distinct advantadge over any team. This takes away nothing from the Panthers; they are a heck of a young team, and it may not be their year just yet. Newton still has some growing to do and the team overall is filled with youth.

Their time will come though, sometime soon. Right now, it looks like the Seahawks’ destiny this year is to be representing the NFC in the Super Bowl.

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