Chip Kelly Should Not Change Philadelphia Eagles' Tempo to Manage Time

By Bob Francis
Chip Kelly
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It seemed to begin in Week 1 against the Washington Redskins and has continued throughout the season all the way to Week 13. The Philadelphia Eagles seem to be unable to find the happy medium between using clock while holding the lead and still being productive in putting a team away. Chip Kelly seems content with changing his style by squeezing out victories and losing rhythm instead of running it up.

The successes that Kelly had while at Oregon could be attributed to many factors, but many times the out of control scorelines had a great deal to do with it, demonstrating his mentality of keeping his foot on the pedal. In order for the Eagles to make themselves clear-cut favorites and put games away, Kelly needs to return to the mentality of full throttle football, regardless of time and score.

For argument’s sake, many would say that the Eagles could put themselves in more danger running the speed driven regular offense because not enough time would be used on the clock and the ball may be returned to the opponent too quickly and often.

In reality, that’s what’s already happening.

When Philadelphia loses their rhythm on offense because they try to slow things down and burn clock they seem to become an unsorted and confused team. They end up putting more pressure on the defense they’re trying to support.

Instead of trying to provide the defense with rest on the sideline and less time to have to defend, they should just provide them with more points, relieving the pressure of late game situations. It would do the Eagles more good to continue to put points on the board, which they are more than capable of doing, and put the game away instead of allowing teams to hang around and make a game of it in the end because of the difficulty they have slowing things down.

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