Colin Kaepernick And San Francisco 49ers Will Have Tough Road Back To Super Bowl

By Ryan Wenzell
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers look to be getting hot at the right time. They also have one of the more physically gifted quarterbacks in football in Colin Kaepernick. That doesn’t even mention their stingy defense that can really get after the quarterback.

Aldon Smith and Justin Smith are as good as it gets as pass rushers. They can also run the rock with Frank Gore and recently got their best play maker back in Michael Crabtree. On paper they have all the main ingredients to go far come playoff time as their style of play travels anywhere.

There is only one problem: The Seattle Seahawks. Right now, the Seahawks look unbeatable. They also all but assured themselves of home-field advantage last night in a convincing victory. I find it extremely hard to believe that even a team as talented as the 49ers could go into that noise box and beat the Seahawks.

We have already seen in the regular season that the 49ers have real problems with Seattle on the road. The Seahawks have stomped them twp straight years in Seattle. Would the result be all that much different in the playoffs with everything on the line?

Doubtful at best. The Seahawks, even minus corner Brandon Browner and explosive weapon Percy Harvin, look like the league’s best team. Harvin is slated to be back for playoff action with the Seahawks most likely having a first round bye.

With Harvin back and Russell Wilson playing at an MVP level, the Seahawks may be near unbeatable. A repeat Super Bowl trip does not look in the cards for the 49ers.

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