Cowboys vs. Bears: Tony Romo Can't Afford Another Monday Night Meltdown

By Michael Pidgeon
Tony Romo
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

October 1, 2012 was the last time the Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears met on the prime time stage of Monday Night Football. Considering it’s been only a little over 14 months since that game it should still be fresh in the mind of Tony Romo. It was on that night that Romo got Dallas into the end zone only once but managed to get the Bears into the end zone twice with two of his five interceptions being returned for six.

That game occurred in the early weeks of the season so there wasn’t tons of pressure on Romo that night, yet Tony still managed to struggle terribly. Now with all the postseason pressure riding on his shoulders, Romo can’t afford another Monday night meltdown like that this upcoming week. Nick Foles has the Philadelphia Eagles riding high right now, and the only thing keeping Philly from first place in the NFC East is the tiebreaker Dallas currently holds over them. The Cowboys need to keep winning, and the majority of that pressure rests squarely on the shoulders for Romo.

Tony has had quite the season so far. He sits in the top five for passing touchdowns and his interceptions continue to be a single digit. Those stats won’t mean a thing if Romo lays an egg on Monday Night Football against the Bears like he did just over a year ago. If Dallas wants to be taken seriously they need to shine in games like this. Romo will be on a prime time stage and the game will be televised worldwide on ESPN. Tony can shove it to his critics by having a solid game and getting another W for Cowboys nation. However, if Tony goes out there and struggles and Dallas ends up falling behind the Eagles for the division lead then those December skeletons in Romo’s closest will be brought back out and the media will have a field day at Romo’s expense.

Tony has stepped up huge for the Cowboys in their past two games. A clutch drive against the New York Giants to lead Dallas to a game-winning field goal by Dan Bailey and a perfect 12-for-12 second half on Thanksgiving to help bring the Cowboys back against the Oakland Raiders is how Romo’s resume looks for the past two games. After Monday night, will the term clutch be thrown out the window after just two weeks? Or does Tony continue proving he can indeed get the job done for the Cowboys? I believe Dallas will continue riding this Romoentum all the way to the postseason. Once they get there, a new chapter begins in the career of Romo.

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