Denver Broncos: Peyton Manning Proves He Is A Generous Person Off The Field

By Tylor Walden
Isaiah Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Chalk up another reason to believe Peyton Manning has a heart of gold off the field.

Anna Bozard has been a fan of the Denver Broncos quarterback for some time now. Her wedding was coming up, so she bravely took a shot at inviting Manning by way of invitation. Now, we have all heard stories about celebrities being asked to military balls, proms and other important events in every individual’s life, and they have declined most of the time. However, even though the wedding was during the season and it was a late response, Manning still took the time out to fill out the invite. Despite him declining it, he did wish Anna and her husband “best wishes,” and even signed his name on the invite. Getting an autograph from Manning was probably the best gift Anna has ever received.

With the holiday season coming up, it is always nice to see pro athletes take the time out to help local charities, food drives and contributing to the community. The fact that Manning, who probably gets tons of mail every single day, took the time out to fill out that invitation and wish one of his fans the best just speaks volumes about his character. He has once again proven that he not just a great player, but is a good person with a heart of gold. Even though there was a low chance of Anna even getting a response back, it was great to see Manning reply back to a fan.

The media often shows the game a player has or the trouble that they get themselves into, often revealing a bad character to the pro athlete. This reply to a fan proves that not all athletes are “too good for anyone” and the selfless attitudes some of them provide.

It really is the little things that not only an athlete, but an individual, can do for another person can mean the world to them.

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