How Has Nick Foles Gone From Rookie Blunder To Sophomore Wonder For Philadelphia Eagles?

By Ryan Wenzell
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Foles has emerged among the game’s elite young quarterbacks this season. I must say even I as a Philadelphia Eagles fan am surprised by this. Foles didn’t exactly light the world on fire as a rookie.

He had some nice games followed by some stinkers and was all around inconsistent. This is to be expected for a rookie no doubt,  but perhaps expectations were unfairly raised due to the fact that other rookie quarterbacks were lighting the league on fire last season.

Foles has really seemed to come into his own this season. He is finding the open man, not making mistakes, and showing extreme poise for a second year player. Calm, cool, and collected sums up Foles to a tee.

What has made the difference? Chip Kelly‘s quick thinking, fast decision making system really seems to fit Foles perfectly. The west coast system under Andy Reid was more of a timing based throwing attack. Routes took a little longer to develop and it required a more patient approach.

Another huge reason for Foles’ major improvement is he has all of his weapons on offense. If you remember last season, Foles was playing without most of his offensive line and his two most deadly play makers in LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson.

I am not sure how many quarterbacks — let alone rookies — would do well under those circumstances. Foles is having an MVP campaign right now with 19 touchdowns and zero interceptions, and the second-year quarterback looks like a keeper.

The arrow is only pointing up for the young signal caller.

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