Mike Tomlin Is Now The Biggest Villain To Baltimore Ravens Fans

By Dan Abeshouse
Mike Tomlin
Charles LeClaire-USA Today Sports

For those of you not living under a rock this past week, you probably all saw or heard about the Mike Tomlin incident during the Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers matchup. Tomlin was on the field and got in the way of what probably would have been a Jacoby Jones‘ kickoff return touchdown. Tomlin claimed it was an accident, of course.

Before Tomlin became a part of the Ravens/Steelers rivalry, there was one name that would have been considered the biggest villain to Ravens fans, and that man is Hines Ward. Ward was a bruising WR that always seemed to save his best games for the Ravens. The thing that made him so hated, however, was his smile. After every catch, he would typically have a huge smile, which would always anger Ravens fans; Ward was seen as cocky and arrogant. Ravens fans wanted to see someone knock the smile off his face.

There’s never been any love loss for Ben Roethlisberger either. In fairness to Roethlisberger, however, he didn’t really do anything to deserve the ire of Ravens fans. The hatred for Roethlisberger has really just been about how good he’s performed in games, as he’s broken the hearts of the Ravens on quite a few occasions. There are some names that could be mentioned, like Ryan Clark. Of course, most people probably wouldn’t even know who Clark is if it wasn’t for his big mouth.

Going back to Tomlin, he has clearly taken the torch from Ward after his antics on Thanksgiving night. It wasn’t so much what he did as it was the evil smile on the big screen after the replay was shown. The reaction to that smile probably drew a bigger crowd of boos than when Hulk Hogan turned heel at Bash At The Beach 96. I was almost expecting Tomlin to rip off his Steelers shirt to reveal a NWO shirt underneath.

Whether Tomlin knowingly stood in the way or not is irrelevant now as far as Ravens fans are concerned. To Ravens fans, Tomlin is like The Governor to Rick, Gus to Walter White, Marcy Darcy to Al Bundy. Now, if you want a hero, then Al Bundy is that guy. Four touchdowns in one game, enough said.

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