New Orleans Saints Prove To Be Frauds In Crushing Loss

By Ryan Wenzell
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints showed their true colors on Monday night against a true contender. The offense couldn’t muster anything, and the defense was utterly useless as they got shellacked by the Seattle Seahawks.

This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Saints are not true contenders in a stacked NFC. The Saints have been squeaking by teams in recent weeks and have benefited from a relatively soft schedule.

They finally faced a real test and failed miserably. Remember, they still must play the Carolina Panthers twice. The NFC South is firmly up for grabs, and I believe the Panthers, with a stingy defense and an ascending young quarterback in Cam Newton, have the inside track to win the divisional crown.

Drew Brees can only do so much. On this night, he was certainly off his game, as he was over throwing targets and simply missing on open guys more than I have seen from him in a while. This was certainly an uncharacteristic night for the quarterback.

More alarmingly, the defense may have shown their true colors as wekk. They couldn’t cover anyone; guys were running wide open down the field, making life too easy for Russell Wilson. The pass rush was also non-existent.

This is a team that simply needs to be at home come playoff time. They will not fare well on the road against almost any team in the NFC. This week’s affair against the Panthers will tell us a whole lot.

I believe the Panthers will assert their will on this team, and the Saints will be traveling on the road in January come playoff time. In terms of a Super Bowl contender, this team has proven to be an absolute fraud.

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