New York Jets: Don't Have A Quarterback Controversy, Fans Need Patience

By Harrison Turkheimer
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck and the rest of the 2012 rookie quarterback class are as rare as the last play of the University of Alabama/Auburn University missed field goal, one in maybe a thousand. The expectations for rookie quarterbacks have gone through the roof, and we only have ourselves to blame. What happen to the days when a rookie QB would sit and learn the system? Not every quarterback can come out and be thrown right into the fire.

People have no faith and even less patience. Geno Smith, as everyone remembers, was projected to be a first round pick, yet he wasn’t. Going in the second round was going to be a good thing for the quarterback out of West Virginia University. He would sit and learn (like a typical rookie). Now, this really isn’t the forum to argue and play devil’s advocate about, but what if Mark Sanchez didn’t get hurt in the preseason? Smith becomes the starter, and fast forward to now, and people want the rookie’s head.

Let’s be real for a second, please. They New York Jets really have zero playmakers on offense, a line that isn’t as good, and a running game that’s decent at best. How could you expect an average rookie quarterback that has confidence issues (yes, even I will admit that) with no weapons to produce up to his caliber? You can’t, and that’s the point. This offseason better be 100 percent focused on fixing this offense. The defense will fix itself whether or not Rex Ryan is the coach; this defense will get back to its roots. It’s about the offense; this needs to be torn down and rebuilt. Smith is the one piece that should stay, because you can’t throw in the towel after one year, and he isn’t as bad as, say, a Jimmy Clausen.

There is no controversy, it’s simply that this team got lucky in a few games and now are showing their true colors. Smith needs work, he’s needed work since college, and right now, he better be eating not only a piece, but the whole “humble pie.” The league is tough and he has what it takes, but he needs to be surrounded by playmakers. Although the numbers do lie in this case, he is having a better season than Sanchez’ rookie campaign due to what he has around him.

This will be a crucial offseason for the rookie; he will need to prove his worth, but right now people need to be patience and realistic, because Matt Simms is no better.

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