New York Jets May Just Be Entering Full-On Rebuild Mode

By Harrison Turkheimer
 Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports
Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

It surely was not pretty on Sunday. In fact, I will go on record and say that I DVR-ed the game and hit fast forward more than once. As everyone plays Monday morning quarterback I like to digest my thoughts before going on the record. The New York Jets came out on Sunday and gave a solid F performance. Quarterback Geno Smith was an F-! I almost want to believe that the team that was .500 and beating the New Orleans Saints and New England Patriots was a pure joke, a tease if you will. It was something for all Jets fans to get their hopes up and in typical fashion watch their team crumble and bring back the “same old Jets” along with the “Just End The Season” chants.

There were many more holes on defense in Sunday’s game than many would have believed. So now the question comes around to what happened to head coach Rex Ryan? Did this team just forget to come out of the bye? It certainly seems that way.

As Jets fans and observers everyone knew this team was not good, but I believe it’s gone beyond that. It seems as if players just don’t want to show up. Dee Millner, who was stud in college, looked like he forgot the fundamentals of tackling. I’m sorry, but that’s just in excusable. The defensive line put zero pressure on Ryan Tannehill — QB who isn’t very quick. It was not a difficult blueprint to beat the hated Miami Dolphins at home so what happened?

The situation at quarterback is a different article altogether. The main question really from here on out is can Ryan save his job ? Or rather who does GM John Idzik bring in? We all know at this rate it’s going to be a offensive guy, but who? What does Idzik do with offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg?

Reports are going to come out about this team’s inability to put up points, and that better be enough to go heavy on the offensive side of the ball for this team come April. Getting back to the remainder of this season it boils down to every player playing for their job; and after the losses this team has produced, it wouldn’t be a surprise for Idzik’s first full season to wipe the slate clean.

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