Seattle Seahawks Storming Towards a Super Bowl Run

By Aydin Reyhan
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks were expected to win against the New Orleans Saints, but not too many should have thought that they would have blown them out at 34-7.

If you think that score is nothing short of a blowout, think again.

Once again, second-year QB Russel Wilson had a monster game as he threw for a total of 310 yards with three TD passes in their midst. He completed an impressive 22/30 passes.

Drew Brees through for only one TD pass after a total of 147 yards. He completed only 23/38 attempted passes. This was simply not his night against one of the league’s best defenses.

With a record 11-1, the Seahawks are a shoe-in to win their division and eventually become the overall No. 1 seeded side in the league. By doing so, they will guarantee home field advantage throughout the postseason until the big one which will be played at MetLife stadium.

Wilson along with the rest of his team mattes — both defensive and offensive ones — have been sensation up till now. The one game they lost was against the Indianapolis Colts and even that one could have been won with a bit more effort. The score of that one was 34-28 — this is obvious proof that one more TD and extra point would have tied it all up.

Sometimes, even the best teams end up slipping up here and there. But this is a team that has given an A+ effort week after week. If they keep playing like this, they can easily make it all the way to MetLife come February to rightfully play for the Super Bowl.

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