Are Indianapolis Colts Contenders Or Pretenders?

By Ryan Wenzell
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts look to have all but sealed up the AFC South after defeating the Tennessee Titans. The real question is how far can this Colts team go in the playoffs.

The answer is not very far. This is the same Colts team that got demolished by an Arizona Cardinals team may not even make the playoffs and a St. Louis Rams team that is extremely mediocre with a backup quarterback in Kellen Clemens.

While they do have talent to contend and a young star quarterback in Andrew Luck, this team is simply far too inconsistent. The mental lapses, especially on defense, are alarming. The Trent Richardson trade was also a disaster. The Colts have no running game to speak of as Richardson has been wildly inconsistent.

The loss of Reggie Wayne was also a huge blow. He was by far their most consistent receiver and was deadly in the passing game. He was Luck’s favorite target as well, and right now T.Y. Hilton is the only threat in the downfield passing game. That won’t be nearly enough against the AFC‘s best.

The Colts may win a game in January, but that is about all they will do. The defense is too suspect, and the offense does not have enough playmakers to keep up with other explosive offenses.

The future is bright in Indy with Luck at the controls, and once they get him more help and shore up the defense the sky is the limit for this young crew.

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