Kansas City Chiefs Should Tighten Up More on Defense

By Jonathan W. Crowell
Kendrick Lewis, Eric Decker, Brandon Flowers
John Rieger – USA TODAY Sports

With the second loss of the season for the Kansas City Chiefs to the Denver Broncos this past Sunday, the field is starting to narrow in terms of the AFC West division title race. The Chiefs are now effectively one-and-a-half games behind the Broncos as Denver has the tiebreaker. This should make the Chiefs more conscientious of where they need to tighten things up.

The Chiefs do have a chance to nab an AFC Wild Card spot this Sunday when they go on the road to meet the Washington Redskins, but in the NFL, as in many things, an already good history is better than a cheer-worthy redemption. On the other hand, everyone loves a good comeback story.

Kansas City’s defense does need to tighten things up a bit. Chiefs safeties Quintin Demps and Kendrick Lewis were almost more of a detriment than a help Sunday against the Broncos in a game that the Chiefs could have effectively won. At many different moments they either showed up late or neglected to cover where they needed to. With Peyton Manning as your opposing quarterback, you can’t let things slip like that.

Not to beat a dead horse, but the defense also needs to get the pass rush going again. With linebacker Justin Houston temporarily out this was obviously more difficult, but adjustments should be made in his absence. Manning had way too much time to fall back and throw the way he does.

These are things the Chiefs defense can certainly tighten up and change for the better.

So, as the 9-3 Chiefs are still poised to head to the playoffs even after losing their last three games consecutively, they are still forming, learning from their mistakes and coming into their own together as a solid team slowly but surely.

Hopefully, they can still keep up hopes for a playoff and Super Bowl run.

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