Will Kansas City Chiefs Pull It Together?

By Jonathan W. Crowell
Jamaal Charles
John Rieger – USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs continue to slip fast. After a horrific 2-14 season last year, they started off this season with such promise, and when they were at 9-0, they boasted being the only team in the NFL with an undefeated record. They also set a new bounce-back record for worst-to-best team from one season to the next.

Then they met AFC West rivals Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in Denver, and the wheels seemed to start coming off. Another heartbreaking loss to the San Diego Chargers followed, followed by yet another loss to the Broncos Sunday, this time at Arrowhead. The Chiefs are now outside the top-10 in the league.

I want to say it’s not over yet, and hopes are high in Kansas City as the Chiefs go on the road and up against the Washington Redskins this Sunday and then the Oakland Raiders again the following week. If they beat the Redskins, it will be their first (and much-needed) victory for Kansas City in a month, to say nothing of the fact that public opinion is now swayed on the question of whether the Chiefs are for real, or just a lucky fluke.

Kansas City fans still believe, and are hoping that it’s just a rough patch for their team. Can they put it together?

They looked like they were really going to take Denver down Sunday, but couldn’t keep up with the Broncos’ comeback after halftime, much to their fans’ disappointment. So, Kansas City is headed to the playoffs most likely as a wild card team. They are able to beat average teams with relative ease, but still have a hard time against more challenging squads, which will prove a huge problem for them, one that they won’t be able to solve if they don’t step it up significantly.

And it’s not that they’re not trying, either. The temporary loss of linebacker Justin Houston was a huge disadvantage against Denver, but the Chiefs continue to regroup and push forward. They are still one of the four AFC teams that can grab a playoff spot this Sunday. If they beat the Redskins, and if the Miami Dolphins or Baltimore Ravens lose, that will get Kansas City to where they’ve been wanting to go all season.

Maybe it’s not over quite yet for the Chiefs.

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