Mike Shanahan To Run Unsuccessfully Against Kansas City Chiefs' Bob Sutton

By Troy Alan
Chuck Cook – USA Today Sports

Washington, DC is full of people who know how to manipulate words. They come from all over the country to spew their euphemisms. America’s most talented linguistic artists put their work on public display daily in the nation’s Capitol: elected officials, lobbyists and protesters alike will find a platform there from which to speak. On Sunday, another talented orator named Bob Sutton will be in town.

The Kansas City Chiefs are preparing to challenge the NFL‘s top rushing offense this weekend. Mike Shanahan is the commander-in-chief of the Washington Redskins‘ ground attack; running back Alfred Morris is his page. Shanahan draws up a proposal and Morris delivers it to opponents.

Sutton, the Chiefs’ defensive coordinator, is the man who will be in charge of drafting counter offers. His messengers will have more than just their work cut out for them against the Redskins — they’ll have their legs cut out, too.

In a 12-year term as head coach of the Denver Broncos, Shanahan was renowned for what he billed the “cut-block”. Essentially, it’s another phrase for the otherwise illegal “chop block.” His offensive line is still getting away with it today due some innovative semantics.

While on the podium on Thursday addressing Kansas City’s official website, the leader of the Chiefs defense showed some creativity in his oration skills as well. Sutton had the following comments regarding RB Morris and Washington’s rushing strategy. I’m going to put them in [laymen’s terms] for you.

“He’s just does a great job in coach Shanahan’s basic zone [chop-blocking] offense,” Sutton said. “It’s a stretch and one-cut [chop-blocking] philosophy. He understands the blocking pattern [chop-blocking] and what’s going to happen with the defense, the way they block [Chop, chop, chop]; so, he’s got a lot of things that many of the runners that have played for coach Shanahan have had [chop blocks].”

The Redskins’ incumbent leader of the “Hogs,” as the Washington offensive line is so eloquently referred, is gifted in semiotic studies. When it comes to “hogwash” however, Bob Sutton is prepared to oppose Shanahan’s upcoming run.

Troy Alan is a Kansas City Chiefs writer for RantSports.com. Follow him on Twitter @TRantMedia.

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