Minnesota Vikings Rumors: Texas Team in Adrian Peterson's Future?

By Andrew Fisher
Adrian Peterson
Bob Martin-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings have been terrible this season. It’s because of that harsh reality, that Adrian Peterson has found himself as the subject of trade rumors. No, the rumors weren’t ever really legitimate, but the question is fair – will AP want to play the rest of his career for an average at best franchise?

The Vikings have had a couple of good years with Peterson on board, but they’ve never really won anything. There’s no doubt that AP is one of the biggest competitors in all of sports, so you know it has to be hard for him to play so well and have the Vikings do so poorly. It’s with all that in mind, that the star RB was recently asked about a possible return home to Texas.

Peterson had this to say on playing for a team in his home state:

“You know, I’d be a liar if I said it’s something that hasn’t crossed my mind before. But I’ve also said to myself it would be so amazing to be one of those players who stays with one team his entire career, it would be good if I could do that. But being from Texas, I’ve always wondered, wow, it would be cool to play in Dallas, to play back home. Or to play in Houston.”

As you can see, All Day doesn’t sound opposed to playing for a Texas team. The only problem right now? The Houston Texans are lousy and the Dallas Cowboys really aren’t that much better than the Vikings.

My prediction is that AP will play at least two more seasons in Minnesota. By the time Peterson turns 30 and if he still hasn’t gotten to the next level with the Vikings, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he took his talents to Texas.


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