NFL Week 14 Prediction: Baltimore Ravens vs Minnesota Vikings

By Dan Abeshouse
Baltimore Ravens
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Before I get into the big Week 14 showdown between the Baltimore Ravens and Minnesota Vikings, I’d love to point out that I nailed the Ravens’ last game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. I had the Ravens winning 23-20, and the final score was Ravens 22-20; I was off by one point, but I’ll take that all day. Back to the matter at hand. Like always, I’ll try to map out a few possible scenarios of how this game could go.

Classic Home Blowout Game: Typically, once a year, the Ravens absolutely pulverize a crap team at home. I’m wondering if the Houston Texans game in Week 3 counts for that (Ravens won 30-9). Of course, at the time we didn’t know how bad the Texans were. It would be easy to see the Ravens march down the field for a TD early and follow that up with a pick six for a quick 14-0. From that point forward, Adrian Peterson wouldn’t really be much of a factor and the game could start to get out of hand.

Oh Crap Game: As an example, we could reference a 2010 game against the Buffalo Bills and a 2011 game against the Arizona Cardinals. An ‘oh crap’ game is when you’re playing a team with a bad record at home and all of a sudden they start hitting some big passes, they’ll be a few lucky bounces go their way, and all of a sudden, they’re winning 24-3. Seeing as how the teams are bad though, they can’t hold on to the leads and the Ravens come back to squeak it out in the end (37-34 over the Bills in OT and 30-27 over the Cards with a last second field goal in regulation).

Both of the afore mentioned scenarios are definitely in play, but I’ll give the no worries, ho-hum game for my pick. As an example, I’ll use the Week 12 game against the New York Jets. The Ravens were in control for most of the game, The Jets lingered around, but there was never really any worry that they could come back. I kind of see this one going the same route, but instead of the big Jacoby Jones pass that broke the Jets game open, I’ll give with Torrey Smith to break a valiant effort from the Vikings. The Ravens have to much mojo right now to lose to a bad team at home.

Ravens 27-Vikings 17

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