Power Ranking the Top 8 Quarterbacks In the NFC East

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Power Ranking Best QBs In NFC East

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Though the NFC East remains one of the most inconsistent divisions in NFL Football, all four teams possess starting quality quarterbacks that can lead any team to success. Some regard this division to be the strongest in terms of overall quarterback depth, mainly due to the fact that finding quality signal-callers is extremely difficult these days, and each team in the division has at least two starting caliber quarterbacks at their disposal.

To the surprise of many, some of the strongest divisions in football do not have depth at their quarterback position (just look at the NFC West). Nowadays, without a solid gunslinger in offense, it is nearly impossible to get a team going and put points on the board. Teams such as the Vikings and Texans can back up that notion.

However, if you head over to the NFC East, some of the best quarterbacks and potential pro bowlers can be found on these rosters. Younger guys from recent drafts have boosted this division significantly, as it seems as if each team has bolstered their squads with early, mid, and late draft choices on quarterbacks of now and the future.

In these rankings, you will find some of the best, not just in the NFC, but in the NFL as well. You will also view some of the upcoming star quarterbacks that will surely be household names in a few years once the current leaders hang up their cleats. And of course, this list features some quarterbacks that have seen their best days, but are slowly fading out of the scene.

Here we go with the 2013 Power Rankings of quarterbacks in the NFC East.

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8. Ryan Nassib

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The New York Giants selected this former Syracuse standout with the 110th overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft for the future. Though Nassib hasn’t had a whole lot of experience leading a team in a regular season game, what he has shown in college (at one point slotted as the eighth overall selection in a mock draft last year), and his performance in the pre-season has garnered him a spot on this list.

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7. Kyle Orton

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The former Chicago Bears and Denver Broncos starter and current backup to Tony Romo in Dallas, Kyle Orton at the age of 31 is at the tail end of his prime. The quarterback has compiled 14,621 yards through the air with 81 touchdowns to just 57 interceptions during his tenure in the NFL, which definitely puts him on the list of not just a one of the best backups in the NFC East, but the league as a whole.

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6. Michael Vick

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Vick is a quarterback that will probably go down as one of the most transcendent, revolutionary players in NFL history. From his days in Atlanta to now in Philadelphia, the incredibly mobile quarterback has always caused problems for opposing defenses with his speed on the ground and accuracy through the air. Unfortunately, this star has been plagued with injury the past few seasons which has dropped his ranking, but Vick is still by all means a quality starting quarterback in the NFL for many teams across the country.

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5. Kirk Cousins

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The 102nd overall selection in the 2012 NFL Draft by the Washington Redskins has impressed everyone across the league as one of the bright spots throughout the younger generations of quarterbacks. Taken by a team that drafted a quarterback in the first round of that very same draft, Cousins possesses so much potential and talent that this Redskins team decided to take him anyways. Without a doubt, teams across the league in need of a quarterback will be knocking on Washington’s door for the second year player come off-season.

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4. Robert Griffin III

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The Box Office superstar out of Baylor, selected with the 2nd overall selection in the 2012 NFL Draft by the Washington Redskins, takes the No. 4 ranking in the NFC East. In his rookie season, Griffin III won the AP Offensive Rookie of the Year award, and shocked the league with his incredible speed out of the pocket, and poise and intangibles while surveying the field for the open man. However, this season has not been the same. RG3 has struggled since his ACL injury last January, and has been in numerous feuds with his head coach. The second year star hopes to get back on track as one of the top young quarterbacks in the NFL in 2014.

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3. Nick Foles

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One of the surprises of the NFL this season, Foles has boosted his Eagles team into playoff contention, compiling an incredible 19 touchdowns to zero interceptions in just nine games this season. The former Arizona standout has been playing error-free football the past two months, which has propelled the Eagles to a 7-5 record atop the NFC East. It also must be noted that Foles had a historic day back in early November against the Oakland Raiders, where he threw for 406 yards and an NFL-tying record 7 touchdown passes. If this quarterback can stay on track with how he’s playing right now, there is no question he will be in the conversation as a top 5 NFL quarterback down the road.

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2. Tony Romo

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Possibly one of the most publicized quarterbacks in NFL history, Romo has consistently led his Cowboys into contention for postseason play. The former undrafted quarterback in the 2003 NFL Draft out of Eastern Illinois University has since posted up big numbers, and is widely regarded as the top fourth-quarter quarterback in the NFL. After signing a massive contract in the offseason of $108 million, the star quarterback has led his team with much needed leadership and poise while garnering a 7-5 record, tied with the Eagles on top of the NFC East playoff picture.

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1. Eli Manning

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Eli Manning, the only player on this list with a Super Bowl victory (Manning actually has two), is the top quarterback in the NFC East. The two-time Super Bowl MVP has year in and year out led his offense to huge numbers against even the best defenses in the league, with impressive road victories in postseason play that propelled his Giants into title contention. With the most touchdowns, yards, and postseason victories in the NFC East, Manning is without a doubt the best quarterback in this division, and certainly in the conversation for one of the top spots in the NFL.