San Francisco 49ers Must Avoid Unnecessary Penalties On Sunday

By Lucas Carreras
49ers must not commit silly penalties on Sunday
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In games like the one the San Francisco 49ers will play on Sunday afternoon against the Seattle Seahawks, sometimes it is the mistakes you avoid that are just as critical as the big plays that you execute. In particular, not committing unnecessary and or ill-timed penalties can swing the balance of a game that will be very tightly contested. That is why it will be absolutely key for the 49ers to avoid committing any unnecessary and ill-timed penalties this upcoming Sunday.

In their Week 13 win over the St. Louis Rams, the 49ers found themselves going up against a team who tried to get the 49ers to respond to them by hitting them a little late after a play has been blown dead or by some type of trash talking which would try to get a 49ers player to respond. In general the 49ers did a good job of avoiding falling into this game with the Rams even though there was a time or two they retaliated.

In the win against the Rams, the 49ers had nine penalties which totaled 85 yards in a very chippy game where the Rams had 11 total penalties for 105 yards. While the penalty total and yardage numbers for the 49ers look bad, the vast majority of the penalties committed by the 49ers last Sunday were those of offensive holding or blocking from behind types and not any personal foul penalties which would have signaled a lack of discipline on their part.

The last time the 49ers and Seahawks faced off in their Week 2 showdown, the game was filled with penalties as the 49ers committed 12 for 121 yards while the Seahawks committed 10 for 84 yards. It is no surprise that the 49ers ended up losing this game, and a large reason for the loss had to do with them shooting themselves in the foot on that cold, rainy night in Seattle. It is clear that each NFC West encounter is going to be a chippy affair, but the 49ers must still do a good job of avoiding unnecessary and ill-timed penalties. Doing so will go a long way towards giving them a chance to win this crucial game on Sunday.

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