Should Chicago Bears Re-Sign Jay Cutler?

By Ryan Wenzell
Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears have an interesting dilemma this season. Their franchise signal caller Jay Cutler is a pending free agent. It is possible he will command a big contract on the open market due to the dearth of quarterbacks across the league.

The Bears have to ponder whether Cutler is worth $20-plus million a season and betting their franchise’s future on. I say he isn’t. Cutler has all the physical tools in the world with a rifle of an arm that can make any throw in the book. His problem has been that he’s too much of a gun slinger. He takes a lot of chances and that leads to interceptions. Lately, he has also been injured. It is hard for the Bears to evaluate a guy who hasn’t been on the field for a majority of the season.

This puts them in a bit of quandary in the offseason. If they don’t re-sign him, what is their future at the all-important quarterback position? If they do re-sign him, what if his injury woes and inconsistent play continue?

The best move for the Bears would be to franchise Cutler. Give him another look for a year before committing long-term. It is a high salary for a season, but is worth the risk, especially if Cutler plays the way he is capable of. Josh McCown has played extremely well in place of Cutler, but his ceiling may just be as a very good backup. The Bears’ problem is a good one to have. They have two good quarterbacks where as a lot of teams are looking for one.

The Bears would be wise to take another year, see Cutler in action next season, and re-evaluate the quarterback position next offseason.

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