Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys' Flaws Will Be Exposed In December

By Ryan Wenzell
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys are teasing us again. They are right in the thick of the playoff race and sit tied for first place in the NFC East with the Philadelphia Eagles. The month of December, however, does not treat this team well.

For whatever reason, Tony Romo seems to play his worst football when the football games become more important in December. I believe the pressure of the moment really gets to Romo. While some athletes rise up and face the pressure head on, Romo seems to shy away from it.

This more than anything has been the Cowboys’ downfall in getting to the playoffs and making noise. Romo can be as brilliant as any quarterback in the league, no doubt. He puts up gaudy regular season numbers seemingly every year.

There is one number that really matters, though: Wins. Romo can’t seem to lead his troops to those all-important wins when it counts. You always sense a interception or a crucial mistake from Romo in the fourth quarter of big games, and for the most part, it usually comes.

Couple Romo’s inconsistencies in December with an abysmal defense and it is a recipe for disaster. I just don’t think this team has the goods to even make the playoffs, let alone win in them.

I believe sooner or later even if it comes down to the final game of the season, the Eagles will overtake the Cowboys for the division lead. You just cannot trust Romo or this squad in the regular season’s final month.

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