Every Win Atlanta Falcons Get is Detrimental to the Team Overall

By Daniel Chi
NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Buffalo Bills
Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

For all the Atlanta Falcons’ fans that made the trip to Toronto to see their team play against the Buffalo Bills, the Falcons sure put on an entertaining show as they even added an extra session with a dramatic ending to notch their third victory of the year. Unfortunately for the Falcons, every win from here on out will be more detrimental to the team overall than positive.

In their latest win, the Falcons went back in time and reminded their fans just how good or “lucky” they were when they won all of their tight games. So much has changed since then as the Falcons have been unable to win any of their close games until this one.

Going into this game, the Falcons had lost every single road game and were bringing in a 2-9 record as well. Even though the game proved to be exhilarating and fun to watch, deep, deep down inside every single Falcons fan was a little unhappy as every single victory puts the team that much further away from getting the top overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Now before people get upset at me and assume that I am saying that the Falcons should lose purposefully, that is not my point. However, my point is that at this point of the season and under these certain circumstances, winning means nothing to the Falcons and will benefit them very little.

As the Falcons continue to battle the Houston Texans (2-11) for the first overall pick, they have four games remaining to have an opportunity to either get that first pick or at least a top 5 overall pick. The best thing for the Falcons right now is to change the culture of their team, especially on defense. In order to do that, the Falcons must draft an immediate impact player to help their team fix holes that are as big as America’s deficit.

It has been a tough thing to watch this season because even when the Falcons win during this time of the year, it is a double-edge sword that takes away the pleasure and joy of even winning a game. When it comes down to what the Falcons need overall, the answer is clear. They need to get a high pick, select the right player and most importantly, they need to continue to play hard with hopes from the fans that they lose in the end.

The Dirty Birds are going through a phase that is very unfamiliar to a team that is used to being very successful. One pick can help the Falcons immensely, but in order to have that opportunity they will have to stay competitive in race for the top overall pick.

Beating the Bills was indeed an exciting and a fun game to watch, but other than that it was another game that pushed the Falcons farther away from getting what they need the most.

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