New York Giants Need Jersey Upgrade

By Christian Nelson
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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Quick! Who has the most boring jersey in the NFL?

Now some people will think of teams like the San Francisco 49ers or the Indianapolis Colts, but almost everyone will have the New York Giants pop into their heads and deservedly so. Year in and year out, each team in the league seems to get a revamp to their game day uniforms to improve on their look, but one team that hasn’t changed a bit is Big Blue.

Rolling with the bland royal blue jersey and grey pants, some people may think Eli Manning & Co. are coming out in their practice attire because their real uniforms couldn’t be cleaned due to a washing machine failure. But unfortunately, these are the Giants’ uniforms, and it is certainly time for a revamp.

Look at teams like the Seattle Seahawks; they understood that their prior jerseys, though not ugly by any stretch of the imagination, were becoming outdated. They went through an overhaul, and look at them now! Their jersey sales skyrocketed, they look incredible, and hey, they started winning.

I was one of those guys that actually liked some of the ideas from that fake Nike 2012 jerseys compilation submitted by a fan back a few years ago as it was a breath of fresh air and something new and stylish.

For Giants fans, some of the most loyal in all sports, deserve something more than a plain royal jersey with white numbers. Even something cool like what the Minnesota Vikings did with their lettering on their jersey.

It is certainly time for a new look for the bland and boring Giants jerseys in 2014. Though I am not telling the organization to go all-out like Seattle did, I, along with Giants fans everywhere, would love to see some cool new uniforms next year.

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