Tampa Bay Buccaneers Still Waiting For Darrelle Revis To Be Fully Healthy

By keithanderson
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The injury bug has not been kind to Darrelle Revis lately.

Everyone knows about last year’s brutal ACL injury when he was still a member of the New York Jets, but that’s only a part of his current health issues. Revis, who has shown consistent progress this season in recovering from that ACL, suffered a groin injury in Week 12 while playing the Detroit Lions. One Week later against the Carolina Panthers he also was taken out of the game as he hurt his chest and shoulder. He did not return to either of those games.

The good news is that Revis looks like he will be able to go for Week 14’s match-up against the Buffalo Bills. He says the groin injury is no longer a factor, and it has to be reassuring to a team that desperately needs his coverage abilities.

However, a few concerns still remain. First off, how effective will he be in man coverage? For much of the season, Revis has been held to zone coverage because of his ACL. While he has played more man-to-man lately, you have to wonder whether these recent injuries will hold him back to a more zone-based role. Secondly, and most importantly, what is the risk of re-aggravating these injuries? With four documented injuries in the past two seasons the Tampa Bay Buccaneers need to make sure that there is little likelihood that any of these hindrances come back. If that means sitting him for a game or two then I believe they should do it with no hesitation. With the amount of resources they spent to get him as well as the fact that it is a lost season, they can afford to rest him now to ensure his health for next season and beyond.

If they do this, then I have a good feeling that he will be back to the “Revis Island” we all know and love in 2014.

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