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5 Reasons Why Josh Gordon Belongs in the NFL MVP Discussion

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5 Reasons Why Josh Gordon Belongs in the NFL MVP Discussion

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The term MVP means “Most Valuable Player”. This term is many times misunderstood. Fans always seem to want to give it to the guys that have won it in the past or the highest paid players. Yes, many times the guys who are the highest paid players are the better players in the league; I get that, I really do. However, the MVP award is given out to “the player that is most valuable to his team.” This means that if this player was not a part of that team then that specific team would not be where they are without them.

If we are going to base this title off of that like it should be, then one player that is not getting enough recognition for maybe winning this award is the wide receiver from the Cleveland Browns Josh Gordon.

Growing up in the Pittsburgh area, me saying this is nothing short of blasphemy! How can a guy from South Western Pennsylvania say that a Cleveland Browns player should win the NFL MVP? It’s easy: Without him, the Browns probably would not have won any games; period!

The Cleveland Browns are having a mini rebuilding season this year. As a Pittsburgh Pirates fan, I know exactly what the Browns are going through. The team has struck gold with Gordon. Because of that, I am going to give you the five reasons why Josh Gordon not only belongs in the discussion for NFL MVP but should be one of the finalists come the end of the season.

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5. He Has the Speed of a Deep Threat and the Hands of a Slot Receiver

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This Sunday if you get a chance, watch Josh Gordon play against the New England Patriots. I know it is not the first game people want to watch because the Browns are playing in it, but I think people should keep an eye on it. The Patriots are going to have a very difficult time trying to stop Gordon. Not only can Gordon turn plays from the slot into huge gains, but he has the speed and the hands to be one of the most dangerous deep threats in the NFL. Doesn’t this remind you of a certain Calvin Johnson that plays for the Detroit Lions?

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4. He's the Only Offensive Weapon on His Team

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Early this season, the Cleveland Browns traded away their starting running back, Trent Richardson, to the Indianapolis Colts for a first-round draft pick. This trade left the Browns with only Jordan Cameron in their offense until Gordon came back from his suspension. Since Gordon’s return he has put up eye-popping numbers. Gordon has 1,249 yards receiving with seven touchdowns. If you look at the person who is closest to Gordon it is tight end Jordan Cameron with 704 yards. Cameron played more games than Gordon and still it is not even close in the numbers. If you consider players like Calvin Johnson, A.J. Green, or Peyton Manning, there are other offensive weapons on their teams that could produce if these players are lost to an injury. The Browns have no such player to replace Gordon.

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3. He's Been Successful with Any Quarterback the Browns Put Out There

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Who is the Browns’ starting quarterback? Tim Couch? Vinny Testaverde? Bernie Kosar? I think if you ask a Browns fan they would have no idea. With Gordon, it really does not matter who throws the ball to him it seems. Gordon has been successful with Brandon Weeden, Jason Campbell, or Brian Hoyer throwing him the football. Players like Calvin Johnson, A.J. Green, and Rob Gronkowski have good, steady, NFL caliber quarterbacks throwing to them every week. Gordon has to make do with the constant carousel of quarterbacks in Cleveland. Guess what? Gordon is still putting up great numbers this season despite it!

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2. He Has 2 of the Best Receiving Games of the Season

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Quick question: What do the numbers 237 and 261 mean? If you do not have an answer those are the total yardages that Gordon has had in the past two games. These numbers are crazy! Gordon has shattered the Cleveland Browns’ record in two consecutive weeks with most yards received in a game. Two straight weeks! Okay, go ahead and say that the one week was against the Jacksonville Jaguars. However I want you to compare his numbers to some other greats that played the Jaguars this season: Larry Fitzgerald (61), Demaryius Thomas (78) Andre Johnson (154). All of these players are Pro Bowl type players and are all considered to be better than Gordon. Numbers just do not lie!

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1. MVP Means The Most Valuable Player to Your Team

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As I stated in the first slide of this article, MVP means “the player that is most valuable to his team.” After viewing all of the facts listed before, how can you not say that Josh Gordon is not the most valuable player to the Cleveland Browns? The Browns are 4-8. The only four games they won this season are games that Gordon played in. He did not play in their first two games and guess what? They lost those games. Josh Gordon is a game-changing player. Do I think he will have an honest shot to win the NFL MVP over players like Calvin Johnson, Peyton Manning, or Cam Newton? No I don’t, but Josh Gordon should be considered in the conversation. He has earned it and it would be a shame if he was not considered after the season he is having.